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I am a fourth-year PhD student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), where I work in computer graphics and geometry processing. I am a member of the Geometry Collective and advised by Keenan Crane.

If you're interested in learning about my research, I'd recommend starting with the "project pages", which contain blog-style explanations of my published works.


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A Heat Method for Generalized Signed Distance

Nicole Feng, Keenan Crane

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2024)

project page PDF (18.9mb) supplemental (PDF, 1.6mb) BibTex
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Winding Numbers on Discrete Surfaces

Nicole Feng, Mark Gillespie, Keenan Crane

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2023)

project page PDF (4.4mb) supplemental (PDF, 0.7mb) technical note (PDF, 2.7mb) code (C++) BibTex
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Contact Edit: Artist Tools for Intuitive Modeling of Hand-Object Interactions

Arjun S. Lakshmipathy, Nicole Feng, Yu Xi Lee, Moshe Mahler, Nancy S. Pollard

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2023)

project page PDF (11.8mb) BibTex
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Tracing Versus Freehand for Evaluating Computer-Generated Drawings

Zeyu Wang, Sherry Qiu, Nicole Feng, Holly Rushmeier, Leonard McMillan, Julie Dorsey

ACM Trans. on Graph. (2021)

project page PDF (3.7mb) BibTex


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Rendering Geometry in Blender

A PDF tutorial on rendering geometric quantities (scalar fields, vector fields, curves, isolines, etc.) suitable for paper figures, using the free open-source software Blender.

PDF (13.5mb)
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Crossword construction software.

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MsFit crossword dataset

Manually curated dataset of ∼42k high-quality crossword entries.



I used to be rather serious about distance running, but had 8+ injuries between 2015 – 2020. I started training again in late 2021 (minus COVID in 2022) and really enjoy the running community in Pittsburgh. I'm a proud organizer of the Random Distance Run at CMU! On Tuesdays, you can usually find me running with the Pittsburgh Pharaoh Hounds. I also am the women's captain for the Carnegie Mellon Club XC team, which competes in cross country and track & field at the NIRCA level.

I like to write crossword puzzles, especially Schrödinger (quantum) puzzles. I occasionally post smaller puzzles on my Crosshare blog.

I occasionally make art for the department; past designs here.

Previously, I graduated from Caltech in 2020 with a B.S. in Applied & Computational Mathematics. The background to my website is taken from a photograph I took from the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains in Pasadena, California.